From the construction of the building, the entresol has existed.


As suggested its name, the entresol is situated between two floors : the first floor and the ground floor. This is a caracteristic place of the XVIIIth century.

The entresol is 75 m² including 5 main rooms ( two bedrooms, a dressing-room, a bathroom and a room which used to be a lingerie).

At the XVIIIth century, the Countess of Louvignies's chamber maids used to live there and in the late XIXth century the Marquis decided to settle down.


Today, the Entresol has been restored as before, this is an appartment which is able to welcome three people and a baby more.

Its position in the château allows to see a view of the park, of the church and of the courtyard.


This is totally an unusual place.


Price for the Entresol

Price: 160 €   the night for two people.

            175 € the night for three people.


The breakfast is 12.50 € a person.




The price is decreasing from the second night.

The entresol, the Suite room

The main bedroom
the main bedroom
The bathroom
The corridor