The Chambre is situated at the first floor of the Château, the noble floor;

Why " chambre noire" (dark room ) ? Because of the woodwork of the support, the windows and the doors which are painted in black.


The room in 1860 was Count's room ( the host) and he had decided on a very trendy and typical decoration of the Napoleon III period : the black woodwork of support and a carmine red-wall cloth with its exotic grounds.


From the room, thanks to a hidden door, we enter into a bathroom with its bowl, its taps, its bathtub and its fireplace from the late XIXth century.


Today, the room has been restored as before with in particular the restoration of the taps from the XIXth century by the House FOURNIER in Friville-Escarbotin ( Somme) and by the hanging of a wall cloth edited by the House LE MANACH ( Paris) according to the archive documents from the Napoleon III period of the firm.



Price for the Chambre Noire

Price : 160 € the night for two people


It is possible to add an additionnal bed for a third person ( 20€)


The Chambre noire can communicate with the Chambre à alcôve for making a suite room ( 2 double rooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 toilets).

The Chambre noire